Boy Next Door

Boy Next Door

Julia Keller is first shocked – then appalled – when she finds herself attracted to a much younger man. Though he’s totally hot, he’s also fifteen years her junior. No way will anything happen between them.

Thane Fitzgerald has lusted after Julia for as long as he can remember. Now that he’s older – and she’s no longer married – he intends to turn his youthful fantasy into an erotic reality.

When Thane pursues her, Julia doesn’t believe he’s serious. He can’t be, right? And she can’t possibly be considering having an affair with him. Or can she?

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Julia stared at her queen-sized bed.  Light from the bathroom cast a swathe of muted brightness across the light weight, navy blue blanket.

She’d never before considered her bed an important object.  Yet it was.  Important and significant.  Whatever happened in that bed tonight was going to change her forever as both a person and a woman.

Thane’s tender hands rested on her shoulders and he turned her to face him.  “Last chance to call this off, Julia.”

She tipped her head to the side.  “Is that what you want?”

He slowly shook his.

She wound her arms around his neck to bring his mouth closer to hers.  “Me neither.”

Her insides jellied at the touch of his lips.  He tasted like spicy meat and sweet hops.  The kiss was passionate and sensual, his full lips eager, but reserved.  Tension vibrated through his body as his hands clasped her waist.  He was holding back, she knew, giving her complete control over the situation.

Over him.

Her heart melted.  She covered his hands and, kissing him with feather light strokes, walked backwards, guiding him, until she bumped into the bed.  She tilted back to look up at him.

His nostrils flared with rapid breaths, his face a rigid plane of desire.

This younger man desired her.


That reality buckled her knees and he immediately pulled her close.  “Are you all right?”

“Oh, yeah.”  She pivoted him until his back was to the bed then gave him a gentle shove.  The mattress bounced once with his weight.

She took a step away, grasped the bottom of her t-shirt and slowly peeled the garment over her head.  Thane’s pupils expanded, became large, obsidian orbs surrounded by a thin circle of hunter green.  She tossed the shirt to the side.

Next, her shorts.  She unbuttoned them then the faint sound of the zipper unzipping exploded in the room.  Julia had never acted so brazen.  So brass.  She didn’t think she possessed the courage to actually strip for a man.  But with Thane she did.  She felt empowered.  Sexy.

A temptress.

The shorts joined her shirt.  She stood before him in only her white bikini panties and lacy bra.  She reached behind for the bra clasp.  His mouth fell open, his breathing harsh, his gaze fastened to her breasts.

With a flick of her fingers, she released the bra and it too landed on the floor.

A groan rolled through him.  He licked his lips.  His hands clenched and unclenched on his thighs.

She smiled to herself while sliding her hands across her belly and under the elastic band of the panties.  She slithered the satiny fabric lower, past her hips until they, too, fell to the floor.

For a long moment, no noise of any kind existed.

The raw need in his hot gaze ignited pinpricks across her skin.  From her breasts to her waistline to her hips and the triangle of hair at the junction of her legs, he stared at her.

Devoured her.

Desire burned white hot in his green eyes and her legs quaked.  With a crook of his finger, he motioned her forward.  She took the single step to stand between his splayed legs.


  •  Winner, 2011 Touch of Magic contest, Erotic
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